Behind the Scenes with Candace King

Candace King – Communications Managers

  • What was the last picture you took with your phone?

    • My dog in his new zoo snood. Insert picture

  • What is your perfect pizza?

    • “Alfredo pizza… like the kind you can get at Cici’s all you can eat buffet. Honestly, give me bread and I will dip it in Alfredo sauce”

  •  Who are your favorite bands

    • Bryan Adams and Sister Hazel

    • Who is your hero?

    • My hero is definitely Mother Teresa. I dressed up as her for a report in 8th grade and all of the research I did on her stuck with me. She was always kind and gentle and those are characteristics that I try to reflect in my day to day life. She was always striving to be better for others and make a difference in others lives, without expecting anything in return.

  • What is your favorite exhibit at Kidzu?

    • The Millhouse Market is my favorite exhibit and I think it would have been that way when I was younger too. Any exhibit that had food would be my absolute favorite. I really like how everything is miniaturized and child sized, it’s perfect!