North Carolina Children's Museum

North Carolina is very lucky to have so many opportunities for families to get out and learn. Today we would like to point out all of the children's museums in North Carolina.

 Children’s Museum of Winston Salem

 At the Children’s Museum of Winston Salem their mission is to nurture children’s imaginations, creativity, and love of reading by bringing stories to life. If you would like to find out more about this amazing organization, follow the link:

Marbles Kids Museum

Marbles mission is to spark imagination, discovery and learning through play. They believe that play contributes to intellectual growth and increases innovative capabilities in kids. If you would like to visit this museum in our state’s capitol, visit their website for more info.

Museum of Life and Science

The mission at the Museum of Life and Science is to create a place of lifelong learning where people embrace science as a way of knowing about themselves, their community, and their world. Whether you are young or old, the Museum of Life and Science is a great place for you to explore. If you would like to learn more, visit their website.

Kidzu Children’s Museum

The mission of Kidzu is to inspire young children and the adults in their lives to learn through purposeful play. I might be a little bias, but Kidzu is my favorite Children’s Museum in North Carolina. If you would like to learn more or visit us, please visit our website at: